Hydraulic pneumatic services in action Hydraulic pneumatic engineering

Specialised hydraulic pneumatic services tailor-made for each application

At Hydraulic and Pneumatic, our service philosophy is built on understanding the needs and constraints of our clients, their assets and production requirements, and working side-by-side with them to deliver safe, innovative and productive outcomes.

Backed by a core group of engineers and a strong supply chain, our hydraulic pneumatic services team has the depth and capacity to respond to any situation.

Prompt and Reliable Emergency Repair Service

Our drive-through workshop facility contains overhead cranes and specialised equipment for testing, calibration, manufacture and repair.

We have seven fully prepared on-site vehicles that can respond to call-outs under breakdown and emergency situations. We stock considerable inventory and can source components expediently to minimise downtime.

Innovative, reliable and cost effective hydraulic, pneumatic, fluid and lubrication solutions

Specialising in system design and synchronised lifting services, our Service scope covers:

  • Specification, auditing and design of new or upgraded systems
  • Trouble shooting and root cause analysis
  • On-site repairs and hose/fitting replacements
  • Pump, motor, valving, cylinder and hose repairs and servicing
  • Cylinder manufacture
  • Testing, commissioning and certification of high tonnage equipment
  • Synchronised lifting
  • High tonnage lifting
  • Bridging weighing
  • Centre of gravity analysis
  • Ball path repairs on drag-lines and dredgers
  • Lubrication system repairs.

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