Hydraulic and Pneumatic conducted an in depth root cause analysis of the Kamyr Hydraulic Continuous Diffuser Washer that is operated at Australian Paper Maryvale Plant in December of 2010. The machine had a design capacity of 450ADLT/24 hours, with a hydraulic system that although still functional presented several major issues relative to both the operational ability in higher production demand (750ADLT/24 hours at the time) and a proposed potential increase to 840ADLT/24 hours.

The hydraulic system was increasingly unreliable as a result of the component failure, component spares availability, and serviceability of major installed components; i.e. main control valve, accumulators, pressure control valving and cylinder wear.

Operational performance was at risk of compromising production reliability and there were concerns in extending the performance demands of the major components beyond their original design stamp specification.

Hydraulic & Pneumatic presented two primary options to address the operational & performance requirements of the hydraulic system:

  1. Rework of existing power unit
  2. Replacement of existing power unit

Of the two options Hydraulic & Pneumatic recommended  that the existing power unit be replaced with a new unit incorporating the higher performance capability to reliably meet production requirements.

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