Hydraulic & Pneumatic stock a range of Pneumatic spares from the Legris and Transair range, anything we haven’t got in stock we can source.

Transair is the original fast, flexible and easy-to-modify aluminum pipe system for compressed air, vacuum and inert gas applications. Transair’s engineered polymer fittings are reusable and interchangeable and enable manufacturing plant personnel to implement many layout changes within minutes, instead of hours. The ability to reconfigure production layouts or implement process changes quickly is one of the key differentials when compared to traditional compressed air piping systems. This ease of use minimizes downtime and increases plant productivity and efficiency. Transair fittings are simply pushed or bolted together, which enables disassembly when required unlike other connection technologies that are permanently crimped or welded.

Transair offers a comprehensive line of connectors for the compressor room. Due to the innovative connection technology of Transair, these connectors make connecting the compressor room piping to the distribution piping quick and easy. The Transair compressor room connectors reduce the occurrence of pressure drops, system leakage, and pipe corrosion. Benefits of Transair’s Compressor Room Connectors:

° Reusable and interchangeable fittings that enable layout changes to be made within minutes.

° Aluminum fittings designed to reduce the space and number of fittings needed, minimizing installation time.

° Fittings that eliminate leaks during the air filtration process, helping keep compressor room spaces clean.

Legris are the Inventor of push-in fittings and market leader in quick couplings. Parker Legris Rectus is very proud of its heritage of 60 years of innovation and stays true to its value of high quality products, supported by manufacturing excellence, in order to ensure that customers needs remain its priority. Parker Legris Rectus has a reputed experience in fluid transfer for production automation, transportation, food processing, thermal management and medical applications.

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