Pump Testing

Pump Test Rig

Hydraulic & Pneumatic’s Pump Test Rig can be used for single, double and even triple pumps. With the system able to handle up to 420Bar and 500L/min, we can test the smallest to biggest pumps with ease.

Our Pump Test branch is equipped with a range of advanced sensor equipment that monitors the health of your pump, al­lowing us to give a detailed performance report.

Our experienced operators know how to safely test the full range and functionality of your pump, giving the best picture of how it performs, ensuring it can operate as required.

Our operators can test and set simple to advanced pump controls and have expe­rience setting electronically and hydrauli­cally actuated closed loop variable speed systems, ensuring your pump will operate exactly how it’s meant to.

Call our team today find out more about our Pump Test Rig or to learn about our Pump Build Centre.

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Do you offer 24 hour support services?

Yes! We offer 24 hour hose and fitting repair services, please give us a call on (+61) 429 341 033 anytime if you need to get running again! 

Do you offer quick turn around times on projects?

Our expirenced Engineering and Service team understands that sometimes a project can’t wait, we’ve had turn around times on complex projects from enquiry to Design then manufacture and delivery within a week. Get in contact to see how we can help you today!   

Do you hold much stock?

Yes! We have a very strong stock holding position, give us a call to see if we can supply what you need or pop down and visit our friendly sales staff! 

Do you hire equipment?

Yes! We have a vast fleet of rental equipment, visit our rental equipment page to see what we can offer you. 

Can you test and re-proof equipment?

Yes! We have testing and reproofing capabilities for torque equipment, cylinders, hoses and many other equipment. Give our sales team a call to see how we can help you. 

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