5,000 Tonne Coal Mine Excavator Lift

Hydraulic & Pneumatic have been contracted to lift multiple coal dredgers in coal mines, we have completed gravimetric analysis and lifting for maintenance.

Project Type: Mining

Hydraulic Cylinders Lift D16, the 5000 Tonne Coal Mine Excavator

Hydraulic and Pneumatic, in conjunction with Plant Performance Group used one of the world’s most advanced Heavy Lifting Systems, the PLC controlled Enerpac Synchronised Lifting System, to enhance precision and safety while monitoring the 2200-tonne load’s centre of gravity during the lift on Dredger 16 at Loy Yang Power.

Dredger 16 is longer than the MCG (200 metres), as high as a 16-storey building (55 metres) and has a slew ring bearing 15.2 metres in diameter containing 177 balls of 200mm diameter each weighing 32kg. It weighs a total of more than 5.000 tonnes and can remove 60.000 tonnes of overburden a day.

The task involved two-stage lifting and lowering over 250mm, with the Enerpac Synchronous System governing six 630 tonne hydraulic cylinders used in pairs at three lift points.

In addition to being precise and providing the centre-of-gravity accuracy needed, the technology had to be able to function flawlessly in a harsh environment, with coal dust blowing around the power unit.

The lift proceeded smoothly, with the hoisting being undertaken on May 7 and lowering on May 13. The huge task was facilitated by the accuracy and fluency of the synchronous lift operation, and the real-time centre of gravity display.



Hydraulic Cylinder Lift D15, another 5000 Tonne Coal Mine Excavator

In 2020, Hydraulic & Pneumatic once again, using one of the worlds most advanced Synchronous Heavy Lifting Systems to help perform scheduled maintenance on the D15 Coal Dredger. The Synchronous Lift is such an integral piece of machinery in projects like this because of its ability to precisely lift and adjust each individual cylinder, while monitoring the 2,000 tonne suspended loads centre of gravity during the entire lift.

Dreger 15’s total system mass is over 5,000 tonnes and can remove over 60,000 tonnes of overburden a day. Being an integral part of the AGL Coal Fired Power Station, it is important that maintenance is carried out on schedule and without delays from unreliable equipment and to be completed in a safe manor.

On the 3rd of November the initial lifting was completed, safely raising a 2,000 tonne section of the superstructure over 250mm, the load was safely suspended over a 10 day period being lowered back down on the 13th of November. This time around, it was required that the system be re-lifted again on the 21st  of November where it was suspended for a further 3 days, being successfully lowered on the 24th of November ready for service.

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